By katyabychkova

Opening Reception at One Art Space Gallery


Thank you so much for attending The Art Sprinter Emerging Jewish Artists Awards opening reception on June 3rd at One Art Space gallery. You presence and support made this event very special for the project and participating artists. Please check out below photos from the opening reception. All photographs are by Vital Agibalow. Read more

Elke Reva Sudin: “I Found My Connection to Judaism Through Art”

Elke Reva Sudin 3

The Art Sprinter Awards finalist Elke Reva Sudin is a truly inspiring artist. She is an artist, business woman, educator. Moreover, she is one of the artists that managed to develop her unique voice at the early stage of her career and achieve recognition by art critics and media. Among Elke Reva’s new successes is her nomination for the Art Sprinter Awards. In this interview, Sudin shares her thoughts on the importance of juxtaposing the traditional and the contemporary in arts. Read more

Undine Brod: ” I Challenge People’s Relationships with the Familiar”

Undine Brod

Visual artist Undine Brod is using objects as a primary inspiration point for her artworks. Whether it is a plush elongated Teddy Bear statue or a brick clay horse with bunny features, Undine seems to have no shortage of clever ideas. In this interview for the Art Sprinter Blog an award-winning artist Undine Brod is sharing her thoughts about her creative process and provides some ideas on how to turn a thrift store find into an artifact. Read more

Anya Roz: “I’m Inspired by Art’s Ability to Blend Reality and Fantasy”

Anya Roz The Art Sprinter
Photo by Markus Reuter

New York based artist and photographer Anya Roz works in a very unique format that she calls “photographica.” A mix of photography and painting, this creative experiment grabbed attention of The Art Sprinter judges and helped Anya to become one of the Emerging Jewish Artists Awards finalists. Together with nine other talented artists from across the globe, Anya will present her photographica pieces at the One Art Space gallery on June 3, 2015. Meanwhile, in this interview for The Art Sprinter Blog Anya talks about what inspires her to create art and shares her thoughts on the creative process. Read more