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Yuliya Lanina: Art Is My Primary Way of Communicating

Yuliya Lanina Artist
Photo credit: Anya Roz

For Moscow-born and New York raised artist Yuliya Lanina, art became a primary way of communicating when her family moved to a new country. She used her creativity to express everything that couldn’t be announced in a new language, and eventually realized that art became an integral part of her life. Nowadays, with a couple of large exhibitions behind her and with her well-defined artistic style, Yulia shares with the Art Sprinter Blog readers a story of her artistic successes and struggles. Read more

Manju Shandler: “I am a Visual Storyteller”

Manju Shandler Artist

A fine artist and theatre designer from Brooklyn, Manju Shandler, charmed The Art Sprinter judges with the range of artworks submitted to the contest. Her works are very symbolic and multi-layered with ink, pencils, and all kind of paints. In addition to fine arts, Manju is working as a theatre designer. In this interview with The Art Sprinter blog, Manju narrates about her aspirations and impressive artistic career. Read more

Ellen Holtzblatt: “Painting Is my Main Love”

Artist Ellen Holtzblatt The Art Sprinter’s finalist Ellen Holtzblatt from Chicago works primarily with oils and woodcut prints and calls those mediums ‘alive.’ Looking at Ellen’s artworks, one can really feel that those are not simply portraits or landscapes but rather stories that narrate the artist’s explorations of relationships between people and places, past and present. In this interview for The Art Sprinter Blog, Ellen talks about the things that inspire her in life and the reasons why a professional education is so important for artists. Read more

Zoe Sua Kay: “I See Art as Being an Expression of Humanity”


Finalist of the Art Sprinter competition Zoe Sua Kay is a truly multinational artist. Born in Portugal, she studied and exhibited in London and then moved to New York to continue her education and career. Zoe believes that traveling, constant exploring and collaboration with other talented people are three main components of the artistic success. That is why she is so excited to present her art together with 12 other artists from all over the world at the group art show on August 17, 2013 in the Water Mill Square Gallery. Read more

Sarah Hahn: “I’m Trying to Preserve What Is at the Forefront of Our Culture”


Ohio based sculptor Sarah Hahn truly believes that the goal of art is to observe modern culture and try to preserve it. That is why main subjects of her clay sculptures are celebrities you see all the time in the gossip publications. In this interview Sarah Hahn, finalist of the international competition The Art Sprinter, explains the origins of her artistic background and provides her opinion on how celebrity culture influences all of us. Read more