Nicollette Ramirez_The Art SprinterNICOLLETTE RAMIREZ is a curator, art dealer, writer, producer and events organizer with over ten years of experience being an arts advocate, promoting artists and their work in various media. Nicollette’s projects have often combined artists from diverse backgrounds working in several different media to new and unfamiliar locations. “We The Artists” was a group exhibition mixing foreign and local artists at the National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago (2011). In New York City (2010) working for herself as Beez and Honey, Nicollette curated “Empire State of Mind” which brought together a range of artists born in NYC alongside those born elsewhere in the USA and abroad. In “Conversations: New York -> Berlin/Berlin -> New York”, an exhibition during Artforum Berlin (2010) that featured New York artists living in Berlin and Berlin artists living in NYC, she showed how the cultural melange contributed to a specific style and creative content, as well as the impetus to further the artist’s potential for reaching a wider audience.

In Miami during Art Basel (2006) she produced an exhibition of the work of Chilean artist, Ivan Gaete. From 2007-2009 Nicollette was working as Creative Director and Marketing and Communications Coordinator of the Chelsea Art Museum where she promoted the museum and its programming through events and social networking designed to bring the museum goer into close proximity not only with the work of the artists, but the experience of art and the creative process itself.

In terms of performance based and experience-driven art, Nicollette’s creative collaborations in various events around the world have included Spencer Tunick’s “Friends of Friends” series in 2003, 2004 Joe’s Pub musical performances in collaboration with several musicians in NYC, contributor to Andrew Einhorn’s television series in 2007, producer of Wael Noureddine’s “20ies Golden Era of Art” short film in 2009, and producer of Nomad Uno’s DJ performance for the James Bond Birthday Berlin experience in 2012.

Nicollette’s have written creatively and journalistically for print and online publications as well as for gallery and museum catalogs. In addition to work with visual artists she has collaborated with other writers to present their work in various forums in NYC in the late 90s and early 2000s. In 1998 and 1999 she worked closely with musicians at Art Omi Artists Residency in upstate New York, which again focused on the creative collaboration of artists from different parts of the world, culminating in a concert at the end of the residency.


Nicollette Ramirez: “My Life is a Party, and That Is Beautiful”