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Finalists of the week #9 are Cara De Angelis and Sarah Hahn

9-Sarah-Hahn-The-Art-Sprinter.jpg 9-Cara-De-Angelis-The-Art-Sprinter.jpgSummer 2013 season of the international art competition The Art Sprinter is heading to its end and thus we are receiving more and more submissions. This week The Art Sprinter judges have selected two instead of one finalist of the week. Cara De Angelis from New York and Sarah Hahn from Ohio will be presenting their artworks in the Hamptons gallery on August 17, 2013.

CLARIFICATION: According to the Art Sprinter rules, the judges are selecting one finalist per week. But since judges of the summer 2013 season have selected two winners of the week three times in a row, thirteen instead of ten artists will be presenting their works on August 17, 2013 opening reception and exhibition in the Water Mill Square Gallery.

Week #6 Finalists are Joseph Cavalieri and Mark Paulda


We are more than half way done with The Art Sprinter contest submissions, and the week #6 proves that the longer competition lasts the bigger interest it gains from the artists. This week The Art Sprinter judges have selected (again!) two finalists. These are a New York based artist working in glass Joseph Cavalieri and photographer Mark Paulda from Texas. We are very proud to have such a diverse group of artists for the August 17th show at the Water Mill Square Gallery and look forward to take a look at their amazing art in person.

FYI registration for the week #7 of submissions is now open. So if you still did not participate at the international art competition The Art Sprinter, you still have a chance to fight for a chance to present your art at the group art show in the Hamptons and win cash prizes. Hurry up: you have only three weeks left until the end of submission period.

Finalist of the Week #5 is Elyse Hradecky from Brooklyn


You probably know that The Art Sprinter contest is open for submissions of all mediums of art. However, prior to the week #5 only artists working with oil on canvas have been selected as finalists. The situation has changed when a Brooklyn-based artist Elyse Hradecky joined The Art Sprinter Competition. The Art Sprinter judges were impressed by Elyse’s art and selected her sculptures for the group exhibition in the Hamptons on August 17, 2013. As the finalist of the competition, she is also eligible for an interview, which will shortly appear at the Art Sprinter Blog. Stay tuned!

Finalists of the Week #4 are Karen Clardy and Ian Healy

4-Karen-Clardy-The-Art-Sprinter.jpg 4-Ian-Healy-The-Art-Sprinter.jpg

Week #4 of artwork submissions for an international art competition The Art Sprinter was very intense. We’ve received a lot of great art and it was almost impossible for the Art Sprinter judges to select only one finalist. At the end of the voting, two artists were given the same grades. Their artworks were so strong and different, that we have decided to choose two finalists of this week: Karen Clardy from South Carolina and Ian Healy from New York. Both artists will participate at the group exhibition in the Water Mill Square Gallery on August 17, 2013; they will compete for a chance to win main prize of The Art Sprinter Competition – one of three cash prizes (total of $1,500).