Week #5 Finalist: Yasmin Gur

Yasmin Gur ArtSprinter
Yasmin Gur, My Old Room

We are glad to announce Yasmin Gur as a finalist of The Art Sprinter Emerging Jewish Artists Awards. Together with nine other contest finalists, she will exhibit her artworks in One Art Space gallery on June 3, 2015. Also,Yasmin will be interviewed for the contest’s website and featured in the 2015 Art Sprinter Catalog. If you are interested (or know any artists that might be interested) in submitting artworks for The Art Sprinter Awards, please apply at TheArtSprinter.com/Participate. The deadline for week #5 submissions is Sunday, April 5, 2015.

In simple terms, my goal as a sculptor, it is to create objects that evoke an immediate emotional response and engagement. My studio practice for the last fifteen years has been in Brooklyn NY. As the daughter of an architect, growing up in a desert town in Israel, I developed an early and abiding love for the built structures of my surroundings. From a very young age, ideas and sketches have emerged from this preoccupation. In the sketches I hone in on structures and grids and in a series of sketches I strip these structures down and manipulate them. I enjoy taking a structure that has a specific function and supplanting its functional identity with an emotional one. In creating this emotional character to the work I am inspired by the structures of nature and have in mind the works relation to a human audience. I see my task as navigating the terrain in my imagination where the built environment collides with the processes of nature-gravity, rust, seepage, compression, and the human response to it. I imagine myself through these works creating a wordless conversation (empathy) between these works and the viewers who look at them. My works are built with reclaimed material. In using these weathered materials, I am appropriating their histories, the wear and tear of the elements, the bending, rips, flaking, and rust, to create a wordless connection, a bloom, a burst, an outgrowth, to evoke a living process of an organism or plant.

Website: http://www.yasmingur.com/

Yasmin Gur ArtSprinter 2
Yasmin Gur, Under Construction
Yasmin Gur ArtSprinter 9
Yasmin Gur, Primal City (30″ x 25″)
Yasmin Gur ArtSprinter 5
Yasmin Gur, Bloom (4′ x 6′ x 4′)
Yasmin Gur ArtSprinter 4
Yasmin Gur, Fast Break (24″ x 8″ x 4″)