Choose best type of bangs for your face shape

Having a better haircut will be a dream for everybody. When they are normal with their old hair they will not feel it more comfortable to cut them but in some cases, if they find it extraordinary after the cut then that would be their happiest time. You will have to choose best type of bangs for your face shape so that it will be suitable for your face after the cutting is made done.

The main three things that you have to consider before you have bangs are the hairline, the jawline, and the length of your face has to be considered by standing in front of the mirror. By doing this you can recognize the structure of your face and which one will be suitable for your face.


The fringes will give you a different effect and you can feel the changes that are taken place in your face. When you do the fringes you can feel the layers of the hair falling to your face and this will give you a unique look.

Thick side

In case of if your face is in a thin shape then you can make use of this kind of hairstyles, which will have a part at the side, and three forth of the hair will fall to one side.

Brow-grazing fringe

This kind of haircut will be suitable for people who have a box structured face. This cut will cover your face and give you a classy look.

Wrapping up

In these ways, you can pick right bangs for your face and you can enjoy their comfort. Before you make the final decision you will have to know how the hairstyle will be to your face and then finally you can pick them.