1. About the Terms of Use Generally.

These terms of use (“Terms of Use”) constitute a legally binding agreement between The Art Sprinter (“The Art Sprinter”, “we” or “us”) and you, and govern the rights and obligations applicable to your use of The Art Sprinter’s websites and mobile websites (the “The Art Sprinter Properties”), as well as the apps, tools, content, functions and features thereon (collectively, the “Content”).

By using or attempting to use our The Art Sprinter Properties, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms of Use and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions hereunder. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, then do not use or attempt to use, whether in whole or in part, the The Art Sprinter Properties.

Below is a short summary of some significant terms that are included in these Terms of Use. You should always read the these Terms of Use in their entirety since they represent the terms of a binding agreement to which you are a party, but we thought it might be helpful to bring several key points to your attention right away:

  • You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to use the The Art Sprinter Properties, subject to these Terms of Use.
  • To access certain tools, features or functions contained within the Content, you may be required to establish an account.
  • We may make periodic updates to the The Art Sprinter Properties at any time and from time to time with or without notice to you.
  • The Content may include digital rights management, security and anti-tampering related features which, if triggered, may result in Content that was previously available for use being unavailable thereafter.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to accept these Terms of Use and to use our The Art Sprinter Properties.
  • By using the The Art Sprinter Properties in any manner, you consent to the collection, processing and use of all information that we may collect from you, all of which is collected and handled pursuant to the terms of our Privacy Policy.
  • You understand that you may encounter Content on the The Art Sprinter Properties that you may find objectionable.
  • Any User Content (as defined in Section 9 below) that you submit and/or contribute to The Art Sprinter may be used by The Art Sprinter under a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide and perpetual license
  • We may modify these Terms of Use and may change (e.g., add to, remove or modify) all or any part of these Terms of Use at any time, and although we will post a notice whenever we make a material change, you are responsible for checking these Terms of Use periodically to be sure you are aware of the terms and conditions that apply to you at any time.
  • No information presented throughout any of the The Art Sprinter Properties is intended to be construed as, or a substitute for, professional advice. The information presented throughout the The Art Sprinter Properties is for general informational purposes only, and is not to be taken as medical advice or treatment information.
  • Your use of any portion of the The Art Sprinter Properties and/or your reliance on any of the information contained therein is at your own risk.
  • The Art Sprinter disclaims, to the fullest extent permissible by law, all representations and warranties regarding the The Art Sprinter Properties as well as any and all products, services and content featured thereon, and limits its liability with respect to these representations and warranties, all as described below.

2. License; Reservation of Rights.

By accepting these Terms of Use, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited right and license to use the The Art Sprinter Properties solely for the purposes of downloading, using, and/or viewing the Content in connection therewith.

We make no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of any Content or the results to be obtained from using the The Art Sprinter Properties, and you expressly agree that your use of the The Art Sprinter Properties is solely at your own risk. You agree that you will only use the The Art Sprinter Properties for non-commercial personal use and for no other purpose. Other than the limited license granted in this Section 2, you have no other rights, title or interest in the The Art Sprinter Properties, and any rights not specifically granted to you by us are fully reserved by us and our licensors, as applicable. Any unauthorized or prohibited use of the The Art Sprinter Properties may subject you to civil liability, criminal prosecution, or both. You understand and acknowledge that in all circumstances your rights with respect to the The Art Sprinter Properties, including the Content therein, will be limited by applicable intellectual property laws and by these Terms of Use.

3. Additional Restrictions.

Your use of the The Art Sprinter Properties is also subject to the following restrictions:
You agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions in these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use will be enforced in a non-discriminatory manner to all end users of the The Art Sprinter Properties, and may include, for example, required or automated updates and modifications, and obtaining available patches to, among other reasons, address security, interoperability, and/or performance issues. These updates, modifications and the like may occur on a periodic or as needed basis without notice to you.

You must be at least 18 years of age to agree to and accept these Terms of Use on your own behalf unless otherwise permitted by us in writing. We believe that children using the Internet require special protection, and we urge parents or guardians to explain Internet safety to their children. Parents are urged to spend time online with their children to become familiar with the types of Content available on the Service and the Internet in general. Control tools are available from online services and software manufacturers to help create a safer environment for children.

You may not use the The Art Sprinter Properties to transmit, display, perform or otherwise make available any messages, content or materials (i) that are illegal, obscene, threatening, of a “spamming” nature, defamatory, or invasive of privacy; (ii) so as to violate or infringe any copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, other intellectual property rights, privacy or publicity rights, communications regulations or statutes, or any other laws, including without limitation laws concerning defamation, harassment, obscenity, or pornography; (iii) that constitute political campaigning or commercial solicitation or that contain software viruses or other computer code designed to interfere with the functionality of any computer systems; or (iv) that harms minors in any way. You agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of the The Art Sprinter Properties in any way.

Because the The Art Sprinter Properties include security components, special rules and policies apply. You may not attempt (or support others’ attempts) to circumvent, reverse engineer, decrypt, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise alter, tamper or interfere with any aspect of the The Art Sprinter Properties. You may not distribute, exchange, modify, sell or re-sell, or transmit to any other person any part of the The Art Sprinter Properties, including, but not limited to, any text, images, video or audio, for any business, commercial or public purpose.

The license granted to you hereunder does not convey to you any of the following: (a) reproduction or promotional use rights in the Content (e.g., any uses that implicate or require public performance or print music rights, or any use that would result in the commercial redistribution of the Content or the musical composition underlying the Content), (b) rights to enter into arrangements with any revenue-generating broadcast system (terrestrial, satellite, cable and/or other distribution channels), (c) rights to distribute or redistribute Content on streaming applications (via Internet, intranets and/or other networks), (d) rights to distribute to others Content on other content distribution systems (pay-audio or audio-on-demand applications and the like) or on physical media (compact discs, digital versatile discs, semiconductor chips, hard drives, memory cards and the like), or (e) commercial, sale, resale, reproduction, distribution or promotional use rights for the Content.

You acknowledge and agree that the views expressed on the The Art Sprinter Properties do not necessarily reflect the views of The Art Sprinter, and The Art Sprinter does not support or endorse any content or materials, whether or not edited by The Art Sprinter, that is posted or submitted by you or any other user.

4. Disclaimer of Referrals.

In addition to the other restrictions, requirements and disclaimers set forth in these Terms of Use, to the extent The Art Sprinter shall provide users with a referral source for medical and/or other professionals of any kind, then if you choose to use such referral tools (including without limitation, interacting with, using or seeking assistance from, any of the professionals referred to you), then to the extent available, you hereby agree and acknowledge as follows:

  • The Art Sprinter hereby disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind with respect to any professional that is or may be featured within the The Art Sprinter Properties;
  • The professional referral materials contained within any The Art Sprinter Properties are not intended to constitute to, replace or otherwise be a substitute for professional advice;
  • We do not guaranty the accuracy, quality or availability of the referrals;
  • Even if certain medical procedures, perspectives and products are featured within any of the The Art Sprinter Properties, we do not recommend or endorse them in any capacity;
  • Your reliance on any Content and/or referral(s) originated within the The Art Sprinter Properties is at your own risk; and
  • For specific medical-related questions, please see a licensed health care professional of your choosing.

To provide users with a forum in which identify and locate professional, The Art Sprinter cannot and does not involve itself in the agreements between users and the actual professionals that may be featured on the The Art Sprinter Properties.(and/or their representatives). In addition, The Art Sprinter does not screen any professionals and the fact that any professional appears on the The Art Sprinter Properties does not imply an endorsement of him/her. Accordingly, The Art Sprinter cannot ensure the success or level of care that may be provided by any such professional. You, and not The Art Sprinter, is solely responsible for assessing the integrity, honesty and trustworthiness of all professionals with whom you may communicate. In addition, a provider’s participation with specific health care plans change frequently, and we always recommend that you check with the provider directly regarding his/her insurance affiliations.

5. External Links Disclaimer; Affiliate Partnerships.

The The Art Sprinter Properties routinely contain links to external, third party websites. By providing links to other sites, The Art Sprinter does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at these sites, nor does a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to the site in question.

The Art Sprinter does not operate or control and has no responsibility for the information, products and/or services found on any external sites. Nor do such links represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information, products and/or services provided on or through any external sites, including, without limitation, warranties of any kind, either express or implied, warranties of title or non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Visitors to any The Art Sprinter Properties assume complete responsibility and risk in their use of any external sites. Visitors should direct any concerns regarding any external link to the site administrator or webmaster.

The Art Sprinter or its affiliate brands may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site (for example, by clicking a link in an article).